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Yuji Hemmi

Birth Day : August 19th,1974
Blood Type : O
Height : 174cm Weight : 74kg
Favrite Musician : Bill Evans
Favorite CD : The Road to you/Pat Metheny
Favorite Food : Sushi
Favorite Movie : Mr.Arthur
Hobby : Watching baseball games

Yosuke Terao

Birth Day : March 5th,1987
Blood Type : O
Favorite CD : So many…
Favorite Food : Mushroom
Favorite Movie : Anime Movies
Hobby : Oekaki(drawing a picture)

Hiro Kimura

Birth Day : April 18th,1988
Blood Type : A
Height : 172cm Weight : Welter
Favorite Musician : Miles Davis
Favorite CD : Too many…
Favorite Food : Sea Weed
Favorite Movie : super-no-onna(a woman of supermarket)
Hobby : kyoboku(giant tree)
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